Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Buttonholes? Digi-migi's? One liners?

Greetings, everyone! What on earth are those-- buttonholes, digi-migis, one liners? These are the names of some of the different digital sentiment shapes.

Buttonholes: circle shaped sentiments with a hole in the middle for a button, an embelli, or whatever you like!

Digi-Migi's: larger digital sentiments with whole quotes that can be used as a focal image/quote. I thought of calling them "Digital Images", but "digi-migi's" are quick to say, and if ya say it fast enough, it sounds like "digital images."

One-liner: A quote in a linear shape, great for boarders and trim.

and some backgroudns will be offered as well, but for now, grab the freebies and start creating!

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