Friday, August 7, 2009

fees set, Grand Opening is 10 days away~

I'm running into some issues with fees from my online store and paypal, so I will not be able to offer the digi's as cheap as I wanted, but don't worry, they are still WAY reasonable~ the larger ones are $1 each, and the smaller ones are being sold as packages-- usaully 3-5 images per package for $1-$2/package.

But the BEST part is... I am still able to offer ALL 31 images (yes, that is a 2-digit #... 30+1!) for $5. I know that is a bit more than I originally wanted, but you get more images in the deal.

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  1. tell me about it. I had to move my stuff from etsy to because the etsy listing fees, combined with the etsy selling fees, combined with the paypal fees.... was just too much. lets you list for free though, and you can choose not to be charged a selling fee, so the only real fee is paypal.